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Go where the locals go, Eat what the locals eat!

What an amazing tour company! Proceeds help support Jasper Kids Foundation as well as provide jobs for its students. It was so nice to hit the ground running with one of their foodie tours on our first day. We were able to get a feel for Chiang Mai, learn about its history and culture, and fill ourselves with delicious and sometimes odd cuisine. The flavors and sights we experienced were just incredible! And we actually used their services three separate times during our visit. Not only are they known for foodie tours, but they can also put together daily excursions based on your interests…And of course, they will know of a fabulous food choice in the area you want to visit! They picked us up at our door and we instantly felt comfortable. All of our needs were met from bottled water to gloves so we could try some stinky Durian fruit. Each guide spoke English well and had a wealth of knowledge to share. They truly helped make our time in Chiang Mai memorable. Can’t wait to go on another adventure with them! Lisa C. Colorado, USA

We spent a wonderful half day with Foodie Tours and our guide Noot on the 3Wat 3King tour in Chiang Mai. We were looking for genuine historical, cultural, and religious insights and this tour met and exceeded our expectations. The information that Noot shared as part of the tour was professionally delivered and she graciously answered all the questions we pelted her with throughout the tour. Our curiosity and even our ignorance didn’t dampen her enthusiasm. The tour was well organized and carefully planned so we fit in both the sites in the downtown city area as well as the sites outside of the city. We highly recommend Noot and her tour company to travelers to Chiang Mai. We were additionally blessed to know that the proceeds went to support the Jasper Kids Foundation.” – Ed & Kathy Grudier – Virginia, USA

The Chiang Mai Foodie Tour was one of the most memorable tours I have experienced while visiting Asia. The tour guide had immense knowledge of the local cuisine and also in depth knowledge of the local Culture and this made the experience so much richer. As we walked through the market place, the unusual aromas of food, the beautiful flowers, the interaction of the shop keepers, the different tastes of food, many of which I had never tasted before, all contributed to this amazing experience. The final destination on the tour was a local Thai restaurant where we sat back and enjoyed the most delicious, although unusual, meal including ant eggs. I was a little reluctant at first but they were absolutely delicious. If you get the chance make sure they are on your “to do list”. Our guide spoke excellent English, the transport was very comfortable (with air conditioning) and because of this our in-tour communication was very comfortable and easy. I was so impressed with the tour that when my husband joined me, we participated in several other tours conducted by Foodie Tours and we would recommend the Chiang Mai Foodie Tour as something that you must do when you visit Chiang Mai. Lesley Judge – Sydney, Australia

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