Chiang Mai Foodie Tours
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Go where the locals go, Eat what the locals eat!

The Original Foodie Tour

Join us on the original foodie tour, where we eat some of Chiang Mai’s most famous food and visit some of its most famous historical spots! Many of the restaurants we try have been in business for over 40 years and are only opened for lunch.

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Time:  9am – 1pm
Price: 1350 ฿/person

The Evening Foodie Tour

A different tour route from the original. The evening foodie tour has a greater focus on Northern Thai food, and hits many restaurants and food stalls that are only opened for dinner.

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Time: 4pm – 8pm 
Price: 1350 ฿/person

Customized / Private Tour

If it better suits your needs, we’d be delighted host your private/custom Foodie Tour.  But we aren’t limited only to food experiences!  We’ve curated the best of Chiang Mai and have organized animal encounters, outdoor adventures, art and culinary lessons (like paper making and farm-to-table all day cooking classes), Hill tribe visits, pampering days and more!

Chiang Mai is blessed to have many tourist options, and we look forward to sharing our local knowledge of the best Chiang Mai has to offer.  (Tickets and pricing for attractions and spa treatments will be equal to, or in most cases, less than the prices offered directly to tourists.)

Contact us to arrange a private and/or custom Half-Day, Full-Day, or Multiple Day Tour.

We love coming up with experiences tailored to your interests and passions!

Time:  Variable

Price: Variable